Special Investigation Phase One: Understanding Land Investment Deals in Africa

Mar 29, 2014

For an introduction to the scope and detail of this ground-breaking research by the Oakland Institute, read the FAQs on Food Security and Western Investors. This orientation document explains how large scale investments in land in Africa are resulting in food insecurity, the displacement of small farmers, conflict, environmental devastation, water loss, and the further impoverishment and political instability of African nations.

Access the press release here, and read a statement by Oakland Institute Board member Jeff Furman on why the Oakland Institute is making this information public.

Find out more about the alarming, ever-changing and fast-paced “selling” of Africa’s most fertile lands on the project’s main page.

What is disconcerting about the current large-scale land investments in Africa is the lack of transparency of the deals. The Oakland Institute is making available detailed information and documentation collected in the course of our research. Please click on the links below to access all available reports, land deal briefs, as well as contracts and additional materials.

View full documentation by country.


The first three reports in a series of seven.

Land Deal Briefs
Up-to-date land deal briefs help unravel the complexity and social, economic, and environmental impacts of land acquisitions in Africa. Find out about key players in the latest round of large-scale land investments in Africa.