Teach Ins

For the past few months, /The Rules, the Oakland Institute and dozens of organisations across the globe have been demanding the end of World Bank’s Doing Business (DB) ranking and Benchmarking the Business of Agriculture (BBA).

These ranking systems reward countries for reducing their labor standards, destroying their environment, and providing easy access for corporate pillaging and land grabs. They create a race-to-the-bottom between countries as they clamor for World Bank investment dollars.

We organized a week of teach-ins across the world from August 9th to 17th to help spread awareness about the World Bank’s dangerous pro-corporate agenda. There will be a further teach in happening in Belgium in October.

To find a teach in in your city look at the map below (Please contact the person listed to find the exact details of the tech in in your city). If there isn’t already one and you would like to organise one you can get in touch by emailing contact@therules.org

You can download the teach in materials here.