Sign The Joint Statement For Organizations

Please join us to tell the World Bank that it has no business in ranking countries and opening them up to foreign corporations hungry for their natural resources and cheap labor.

Help us challenge the role of the World Bank in large-scale environmentally and socially destructive land grabs, by

  • Shutting down the Doing Business rankings,
  • Stopping the development of its new Benchmarking the Business of Agriculture instrument.
  • Organizations can sign the joint statement, available below, by sending an email to

Become an active member of the OUR LAND, OUR BUSINESS campaign and support citizens, civil society organizations, and governments in rejecting the World Bank practice of ranking their countries by how easy they make it for foreign interests to exploit them. Stand with us as we demand that the Washington technocrats have no right to rank sovereign countries, or force them to liberalize and deregulate their economies.

We encourage all organizations concerned with World Bank’s model for “development” to join the OUR LAND, OUR BUSINESS campaign by:

1. Signing on your organization to the attached statement by sending an email to The statement endorsed by over 180 signed organizations was presented to the World Bank at the spring meeting in Washington on April 11, 2014. The Bank hasn’t officially responded to our demand to put an end to the Doing Business indicator and the Benchmarking the Business of Agriculture project. It is essential to increase the number of organizational signatories in order to continue to exert pressure on the Bank. Accordingly, an updated list of signatories will be communicated to the Bank at a later date.

2. Becoming an active member of the OUR LAND, OUR BUSINESS campaign by mobilizing groups and citizens, engaging with media, government officials and parliaments, coordinating action and sharing your experience and ideas with other groups that could become active in this movement.

Together we can stop this!