It is the World versus the Bank. Pick your side.

Aug 22, 2014

To all you dreamers, futurists, underpaid workers, landless, rebels, occupiers, un-occupiers and believers.

Here we stand, in a thousand cities and towns across the world woven together by the draping wires of the Internet. Those wires flame with electrical fervor even as our anger simmers like embers deep inside a small but mighty fire. We have put our righteous indignation online, syncing it into a global news feed of resistance to a dying system that has no future for us.

How did we get here? Wasn’t it by the mighty wave of a thousand No mores and Basta Yas, the defiance of the street vendor Mohamed Bouazizi who set himself ablaze when corrupt bureaucrats prohibited him from selling his wares on the streets of Tunis? Or the bravery of Charity Hicks of Detroit who stood up to the city’s financial tyrants when they came to shut off her family’s water?

We are a movement of a thousand quiet heroes and heroines, not a single proud leader. We amass in the parks and in the streets: Zuccotti, Gezi, Tahrir, Trafalgar. We rename them Liberty Park and Freedom Park, Cesar Chavez Park and Oscar Grant Plaza in honor of our fallen heroes because we’re changing the cartography of colonialism.

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams, and are willing to show it.

Just as our leadership is distributed and diffuse, so is our enemy. The banks, the 1%, the corporations, Wall Street, the global elites have infiltrated once-democratic institutions built by our predecessors’ persistent and thankless organizing. To root them out will require not a single revolutionary moment from the old playbook but a shift of consciousness on the global scale. This is what we are about.

On October 10th we turn our furious love on the World Bank; that critical link in the chain between Wall Street and the “developing world”. All over the world, from Dakar to Detroit, from Mexico City to Delhi, we will be gathering, demonstrating, speaking, writing, exposing. We will do everything in our considerable power to stand against their insane, suicidal prescription for development that puts the growth of corporate power above all else; that ignores the truth of how the world is fed by ordinary people on small farms, not corporations; and that denies the science of how our fields, our rivers, and even our bodies are being poisoned by industrial farming whose only true beneficiaries are the 1%.

It is the World versus the Bank. Will you join us?

On October 10th, join arms with us in a global stand for our future. We will amass in the thousands in dozens of cities and towns across the planet. We will teach each other the words and actions we need to rise above the greed and violence of behemoths. We will demand what is rightfully ours: our land, our water, our dignity.

October 10. #WorldVsBank  
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